Terms & Conditions

Charm Massage and Spa acts as a booking agent for the therapist that provides their services to you. As their agent, we will always try to be as flexible as we can with regard to the changing or cancellation of appointment times. However, there remains a necessity to charge the full treatment fee when a customer fails to turn up for an appointment that we have taken on the behalf of the therapist, and because of that failure, we are unable to replace the customer due to a lack of time or notice. A full payment will be required regardless of a no-show and we reserve the right to progress that via legal means as an agent acting for the therapist.

A full refund will be given if we have notification by phone only and are given a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. If 24 hours is not given the full fee will be charged to you. This applies regardless of when the customer books in terms of proximity to the appointment. The reason behind this is that when a client books, they electronically block out the opportunity for another client to book the same time. So we have to apply this condition on behalf of the therapists that we act as agents for.

Not withstanding the above, we will always work with you and attempt to replace your appointment and if we do for the same fee, we will return your fee that we have collected on behalf of the therapist irrespective of the notice given. Where we cannot the full fee is payable.

Please be aware that when booking a treatment provided to you by the therapist via Charm Massage and Spa your booking YOUR TIME with the therapist. If you arrive late it is YOUR time. The therapist we take bookings for can only do the scheduled time as very often the next customer will be scheduled in and often cannot allow the time to run- over. If the therapist doesn’t have another appointment, they will always try and complete the allocated treatment time regardless of fault for the late start, but that is entirely at the discretion of the therapist